Massage Therapy at Spa Phoenix

body treatments at Spa Phoenix: waxing, wraps, polishing, sunless tanning

Spa Phoenix’s massage therapists are trained, licensed providers of beneficial therapeutic massage. Talent, technique and commitment to your health and wellbeing define their service to Spa Phoenix clients.

In fact, our massage services have been honored with people’s choice awards such as “Best Massage” by Tidewater Women magazine. Our massage is so popular that a third of our spa gift certificates are massage gift certificates.

Spa Phoenix offers classic and updated massage therapy, including LaStone thermal massage treatments.

Our massage therapists provide the most soothing, balancing, and re-energizing treatments that aid in healing the mind, body, and spirit.

A favorite massage gift is the prenatal massage, formulated to help pregnant clients cope with the special stresses – psychological, emotional, and physical – that accompany pregnancy. The therapist’s touch is light, soothing and nurturing. Massage is recommended only for the second and third trimesters. After baby has arrived, massage can also help a new mother to relax and relieve stress.



Therapeutic Massage Treatments


30 Minutes

60 Minutes

90 Minutes

Swedish Massage – Tension Relief




Sports Massage – Firm Pressure, Stretching, Invigorating




Deep Tissue Massage – Firmer Pressure, Working Into Deep Layers Of Muscle




Pregnancy Massage – Peaceful and Nurturing  







Stress Relief Massage – This massage targets the neck and shoulders when you do not have time for a full massage.

$25, 15 minutes

Aromatherapy – Added to any massage

Begins at $5


Treatment Focus: New Moms Massage


for new moms, prenatal and postnatal massage what it is: a program of two pregnancy massages and, after baby is born, two postnatal massage treatments

Jessica Ludwig and Jessica Shaw, Certified Massage Therapists at Spa Phoenix, are specially trained and qualified to provide pregnancy massage to soon to be moms.

Spa Phoenix has introduced our New Mom Massage program, a series of four 30-minute massage treatments, designed to ease a woman’s stresses while she’s carrying her child, and to ease the changes to her body that occur after birth.

Stresses come from a new mother’s rapid transition from her pre-pregnancy self, to the physical and emotional evolutions of pregnancy (changes in chemistry, shape, center of gravity), and finally, to the body after baby’s birth (lack of sleep, new muscle movements, getting back into pre-pregnancy shape).

Massage improves circulation throughout the body, reducing the post-partum swelling that many women experience.

A massage therapist can help a new mother with proper stretching of tight, sore muscles, easing muscular tension and prolonging the massage’s benefits New Mom Massage: four 30-minute treatments, including two prenatal sessions, and after baby’s birth, two post-natal sessions: $180


Spa Phoenix Client Comments – “Best massage I’ve ever had”

“On a scale of 1 to 10, Jessica’s massage was a 10+

Rafael, Virginia Beach: Swedish Massage


I’ve been to Spa Phoenix several times and always have great experiences! Jessica’s massage was great!

Stephanie, Virginia Beach: Swedish Massage


“Massage at Spa Phoenix is amazing. I have been coming to Spa Phoenix for several years because of her (in addition to referring anyone who says the word “massage” around me).”

Kimberly, Virginia Beach: Swedish Massage


“Awesome. I felt like a new woman at the end of my massage appointment. See you next month!”

Kim, Virginia Beach: Swedish Massage and Seaweed Wrap


“Staff and Jessica, my therapist, were very professional. This was my first visit to Spa Phoenix and I will return, and let others know about your spa and wonderful services!”

Heidi, Virginia Beach: Body Wrap


“Excellent and relaxing!” Thank you,”

LeAnn, Virginia Beach: Pregnancy Massage