amnesty peel kit at spa phoenix

Adapted from the Amnesty Peel offered to Spa Phoenix clients, the Amnesty Peel Kit is an AHA/BHA Peel, complete with Neutralizer and 60-second timer, in a Skin Amnesty cosmetic bag.

Created by Spa Phoenix Medical Director, Dr. Matt Galumbeck, the Skin Amnesty Amnesty Peel is a potent, portable version of the non-glycolic peel that Spa Phoenix clients clamor for.
Use it as a full face peel between spa visits, or, for spot use as a blemish corrector. This is a great remedy for adult acne blemishes – the kind that come from hormonal changes, pregnancy, stress. Because it’s non-glycolic and is based on salicylic acids and an AHA/BHA formula, it begins working immediately to diminish and disappear flareups.
The Amnesty Peel addresses the most common skin imperfections – brown spots, acne blemishes, acne scarring – and the undesirable effects of age, sun and environment.