Spa Phoenix’s estheticians offer a Teen Facial for young men and women. Sort of a summer school for skin. teens_sm (1)

The Teen Facial itself begins with a facial and neck massage to relax muscles and stimulate circulation. The esthetician follows the massage with a deep cleansing treatment.

Once the facial is completed, the esthetician counsels her young client in care for their particular skin type and condition.

Spa Phoenix estheticians are a source of expert advice about makeup selection, application and design. Spa Phoenix carries minerals cosmetics – for younger clients, minerals-based skin care makeup is a revelation.

Teens and Skin Care: Tips for Better Skin

  • Teens’ sensitive skin can be easily irritated by non-minerals cosmetics ingredients
  • unfortunately, cosmetics favored by teens can be the worst offenders
  • minerals-based cosmetics are skin care makeup: anti-irritating, anti-allergenic, anti-comedogenic

You live with your skin forever. Teaching your teen proper skin care – now – is a life long gift.